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Privacy Policy

www.governmentfiretrucks.com provides an online marketplace and secure auction software for buyers and sellers to come together in a community to trade.  Transactions are made between the Buyers and the Sellers.  Users of the site are encouraged to abide by Online Auctioneer Code of Ethics, as outlined below. Registration on the site may enroll you to receive information about updates posted to the site, and you have the opportunity to opt-out of any marketing information received.


As a seller I will:

  • Provide descriptions that are honest, accurate, complete, including full disclosure of all flaws, and include all charges

  • State complete terms in auction and abide by terms as stated

  • Use reasonable care in packaging merchandise for shipment

  • Not participate in shill bidding or bid shielding

  • Use the feedback forums of each auction site in a responsible manner

  • Refrain from using images and descriptions created by others without the creator's permission.

  • Refrain from soliciting sales from the bidders on other seller's auctions.

  • Abide by the rules of those auction sites I utilize

As a buyer I will:

  • Ask all questions before bidding

  • Abide by terms as stated in the auction unless different terms are successfully negotiated with the seller prior to the auction's end

  • Pay for items I win promptly

  • Use the feedback forums in a responsible manner

  • Read completely all end of auction notices sent by the seller and resolve any questions at time of receipt

  • Abide by the rules of those auction sites I utilize